Since 1999, we have led the effort to provide effective  evidence-based strategies to reduce substance abuse in Okanogan County.  It is imperative that all of our strategies involve partnering with whole community whether it be educators, students, social workers, police, health care workers and tribal.


Our Mission

To effectively address substance abuse and violence using collaboration, cooperation, communication, commitment, and cultural competency.

You cannot teach what a community will not support and make last
— Rand Institute

What We've Achieved Together

  • In this last year through implementing a strategy involving emphasis patrols and media we contributed to reducing youth alcohol consumption by 45% (HYS)

  • Partnered with several local cities to create permanent Rx drop boxes significantly reducing youth access to prescription and over the counter medicine.

  • Implemented an active "Social Norms" marketing campaign designed by local youth aimed at encouraging positive behaviors

  • Since 2014 we doubled the participation and community engagement in substance abuse prevention.

  • Organized annual "town hall" meetings that both entertain and build awareness around youth substance use and it effects on our youth.

  • Implemented a multi-jurisdictional visible enforcement program, that includes community policing, to reduce impaired driving and youth substance use.

  • Offered mental health promotion programs such as: Youth Mental Health First Aide, Screening for Brief Intervention and Referral for Treatment, PAX/Good Behavior Game, and Community Cafes.