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Liquor Privatization:  Different Year, Same Bad Idea!

Backers of Initiative 1183 funded a paid-signature drive and turned in petitions on July 8.  I-1183 is similar to two measures to privatize state liquor sales that failed last November.

"There is no grassroots groundswell for liquor privatization in the state," said Jim Cooper, president of the Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention."

In February, the federal Centers for Disease Control's Task Force on Community Preventive Services recommended against further privatization of alcohol sales based on strong evidence that privatization results in increased consumption.


Why not a "FREE-MARKET" scenario for alcohol sales?

The simple answer is that some common business practices which work well for other products usually produce social harm with alcohol.  Click <<Why not "free-market"?>> for additional information.


What happened in other countries that experimented with deregulation?

The United Kingdom is a good example.  Click <<Deregulated Market - UK>> to learn more!


When UK experimented with deregulation... what happened to underage drinking rates...?

Underage drinking in the UK is almost twice the US rate.  For more information click <<Underage Drinking>>.

Additional Facts:

Finland cut tax on alcohol by 30% and loosened regulations.  Alcohol quickly became the leading cause of death for men.  Regulations then had to be strengthened and taxes increased.

In Russia, alcohol is a primary cause for drastically reduced life expectancy for men.  In the Russion culture, men drink more than women; currently men die at an average age of just 63, versus 74 for Russion women.  Recently, Russia introduced minimum prices for alcohol, in addition to taxes and other measures to help control this rampant public health problem.

New Zealand loosened regulations in 1989 and now is considering the reinstatement of stronger regulatory measures in the face of increasing public health and safety problems.

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3-Tier System

Three-Tier Alcohol Control System Supports a Healthy Alcohol Marketplace

Why not "Free-Market"?

Why not a "FREE-MARKET" Scenario?

Deregulated Market - UK

Results of a deregulated market...

Underage Drinking

Underage drinking rates are higher in unregulated alcohol marketplaces