Okanogan County Community Coalition

Because TEEN Brains Matter!

Opening Doors and Hearts

Sometimes we can overthink prevention. Believe it or not, simply making connections with others can make a huge difference in a school or community. 

The Seattle Social Development Project instructed teachers to greet and shake hands with five students NOT in their classroom each day. They were also directed to give out “caught you being good” tickets every day.

At 10 year follow-up, students who participated in this simple strategy had:
  • Lower rates of alcohol, tobacco and other drug initiation
  • Lower rates of aggression
  • Significant improvement on achievement tests
  • Were significantly less likely to have engaged in school misbehavior (i.e., cheating, truancy, or being removed from class for misbehavior)

Following are links to useful information regarding resiliency and ACE's

Okanogan County Community Coalition works with local systems, state agencies, and federal partners to create an environment that prevents childhood trauma and fosters resiliency in the Omak population. Some programs include:

  • Parent education
  • Free Family-Friendly activities in the community
  • Supporting Omak High School Link Crew and Key Club
  • Participation in Omak Community Truancy Board
  • Participation in Okanogan County Youth Suicide Prevention
  • Training and evaluation of PAX Good Behavior Game
  • ...and holding the door open and shaking hands with people in our community.